origin: Latin


Origin: English

Meaning: Child of Adam

This super-trendy name has a lot going for it -- Addison, like Madison, fits in both the popular unisex and surname categories, and has a grandma-like nickname (these days, that’s a good thing) in Addie. It sounds an awful lot like longtime fave Madison, but isn’t -- a plus for parents looking for a name that feels fresh. And this one’s really fresh. Before 1994, it didn’t even exist as a girls’ name. It slowly rose to 190 by ’03, and then shot to its peak position (so far) of 11 in ’07. Why the sudden rise? We’ve got a pretty good feeling it has something to do with Grey’s Anatomy character Addison Forbes Montgomery introduced in ’05.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 12

Famous addison

  • Addison Montgomery - character in Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice

Infamous addison

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