origin: Latin


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Little fire

Aiden is one of the biggest stories of the ’00s. It literally didn’t exist until the ’90s, when it averaged a ranking of 860, and since then has shot up to its current peak position just outside the top 15. Aiden has both the trendy Irish element, and the even trendier “-aden” ending. Well, this name’s just the ending…but it’s an ending that’s spawned tons of made-up names like Jayden and Kaden. However, this name is actually very much real -- it stems from the old Irish name Aodhan, which has been used by several monks, saints and bishops. Over time, the traditional spelling of Aidan has been surpassed by one of the many variations, Aiden, as the most popular.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 16

Famous aiden

  • Aidan Quinn (alt. spelling) - actor
  • Aiden Turner - actor
  • Aidan Shaw (alt. spelling) - character in Sex and the City

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