origin: Latin


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Work

It’s barely in the top 70 now, but Amelia is poised to move way up the charts in the coming decade or so. It has the double bonus of being both a grandma-name-turned-cool-again (it’s actually surpassed its ranking for the 1880s, when it averaged number 100) and sounding like the mega-popular names Emily and Emma...but somehow feeling vastly different. With its fun, slightly quirky vibe, Amelia’s a great choice for parents who want something a little more off the radar. (Not quite as off the radar as it used to be though -- in 10 years, the name’s risen 154 positions.)

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 68

Famous amelia

  • Amelia Earhart - aviation pioneer
  • Amelia Bedelia - title character in the book series Amelia Bedelia
  • Amelia “Minnie” Driver - actress
  • Amelia Bones - character in Harry Potter

Infamous amelia

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