origin: Japanese


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Manly

In terms of meaning, Andrew’s got your little guy set: This classic name stands for “strong and manly.” The other really nice thing about Andrew is that it offers two very distinct nicknames: Andy, for a more casual little boy; and Drew, for a more sophisticated spin. The name has a variation in almost every language, ranging from the Romanian Andrei to the Scandinavian Anders. It’s been bestowed on tons of different rulers and saints, and was especially popular during the Middle Ages. In the US, it’s been in the top 100 since at least 1880, and in or near the top fifty save a dip during the ’30s and ’40s. More recently, it peaked at number five a few times in the late ’80s, ’90s, and most recently ’03.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 12

Famous andrew

  • Prince Andrew - Duke of York
  • Andrew “Andy” Samberg - comedian and actor
  • Andrew Carnegie - industrialist and businessman
  • Andrew Warhola (“Andy Warhol”) - artist
  • Andrew “Andy” Roddick - tennis player

Infamous andrew

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