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Origin: Latin

Meaning: Like a Bird

While Ava sounds like it belongs in the “grandma names are back” category, it was actually never that popular until quite recently. The name spiked in the ’50s, possibly thanks to actress Ava Gardner but then fell down the charts until it rocketed back up in the late ’90s. What’s responsible for the sudden jump? Heather Locklear’s (’97) and Reese Witherspoon’s (’99) baby Avas sure didn’t hurt. It fits right in with today’s most popular names -- classic and girly but strong. If you’re worried about the name’s massive popularity (we don’t see it going anywhere but up), consider a version from another language -- say, the Celtic Aoife or the Hebrew Chavah. Considering that Ava stems from the name of our very first lady Eve, it makes sense that there’s some variation in almost every culture.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 5

Famous ava

  • Ava Gardner - actress
  • Ava Phillippe - daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe
  • Ava Leigh - British reggae singer
  • Ava - eleventh to twelfth-century German poet
  • Ava Barber - country music singer

Infamous ava

  • Ava Lord - femme fatale character in Sin City
  • Ava - girlfriend of character Alex on Grey’s Anatomy

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