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meaning:From Paris, France
origin: Greek


Origin: English

Meaning: Elf Ruler

What kid wouldn’t want to be ruler of the elves? Avery probably has one of the cooler meanings we’ve encountered. Like so many other names, it’s both a last-name-turned-first and a boys’-name-turned-girls’. In terms of the last name progression, it actually comes from a -- see if you can keep track here -- first name turned last: the French Alfred or Alberich. Not quite as beautiful as elf ruler, we’ll say. Now, the gender situation: Avery was almost solely a moderately-popular male name until the ’90s. Since then however, it’s been rocketing up the female chart, probably thanks to its similarity to top-five name Ava. Interestingly, Avery’s also been rising on the boys’ chart since its emergence as a female name. While its climb is far less substantial (it has been in the low 200s for the past few years), the simultaneous rise is still quite unusual.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 38

Famous avery

  • Avery Johnson - former NBA player and coach
  • Avery Brooks - actor, musician, and opera singer

Infamous avery

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