origin: French


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Whole Hearted

Like Noah and Ethan, Caleb’s a classic biblical name that’s quickly moving up the charts with its fresh, slightly edgy sound. The rough news: It means “dog” in Hebrew. The good news: Dogs are really loyal! The original Caleb was one of Moses’ 12 spies in Israel, so the name’s also interpreted to mean “bold and intrepid.” (It’s fine if you just want to skip over meaning number one.) The name jumped onto the charts in the ’70s with an average ranking of 398, and since then has just about doubled in popularity every decade, up to its current peak in the top 35. Warning: It may be hard to resist playing with the spelling of this name. Kaylyb…Caylub…Kalob…but don’t do it. Please, just don’t.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 34

Famous caleb

  • Caleb Followill - musician
  • Caleb Carr - author
  • Caleb Bice - son of Bo Bice

Infamous caleb

  • Caleb Lacey - murderer and arsonist
  • Caleb Bradley - character in The Fountainhead

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