meaning:Type of Tree
origin: American


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Verdant and blooming

This romantic, poetic name dates back to the days of Greek gods -- Chloe is associated with the goddess Demeter, who in turn is associated with fertility. The literal Greek translation is “young green shoot,” and (bad pun alert) the name really is shooting up the charts. Chloe was used sporadically throughout the ’30s and then dropped off the charts until the ’80s. Its real climb started in the ’90s, and since then it’s been rising fast, and now it’s ranked the highest it’s ever been by far.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 10

Famous chloe

  • Chloe Sevigny - actress
  • Chloe O’Brian - character in 24
  • Chloe Dao - winner of Project Runway season two
  • Chloe Sullivan - character in Smallville

Infamous chloe

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