origin: Latin


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Christ-bearer

It’s not hard to see where this name comes from…and would you be surprised that it’s especially popular among Christians? Christopher stems from the Greek Christophoros, which breaks down into “Christ” (christos) and “to bear” (pherein). The name was at first understood metaphorically, meaning someone who carries Christ with him at all times. The legend of St. Christopher, which tells of a saint who carried the child Christ over a river, led to a more literal interpretation and St. Christopher’s title became the patron saint of travelers. In the US, the name took a huge jump from the 1930s (average ranking 333) to the ’50s (47), and peaked in the ’70s and ’80s at an average ranking of two. Since then it’s remained in the top 10, and still feels appropriate for both a child and adult. Consider the nicknames Topher or Toph to freshen it up.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 9

Famous christopher

  • Christopher Walken - actor
  • Christopher Columbus - explorer
  • Christopher Reeve - actor
  • Christopher “Topher” Grace - actor
  • Christopher “Chris” Noth - actor

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