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Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Beloved

Your little David will be in pretty good company: He’ll share the name with the defeater of Goliath and the great king of Israel. The name’s biblical prominence (after Moses and Abraham, it’s the third-most occurring name in the Bible) makes David and its variations a longtime popular choice all over the world. In the US, it’s ranked in the top 15 since the ’30s, and peaked in the ’50s at an average of two. Something fun for your little guy: Thanks to all the famous Davids (tons of rulers and saints have borne the name), there are no less than seven days honoring various Davids celebrated all over the world. Here’s to you!

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 14

Famous david

  • David Beckham - English soccer player
  • David Letterman - comedian
  • David Bowie - musician
  • David Schwimmer - actor
  • David - King of Israel

Infamous david

  • David Paterson - NYC governor
  • David Berkowitz - murderer also known as Son of Sam
  • David - character in The Lost Boys

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