origin: Latin


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Son of the sea

The god of the sea in Welsh mythology, Dylan comes from the elements “dy” (great) and “llanw” (tide). The name wasn’t really used in the US until the ’60s, when its average rank was 938. And then came the early ’90s great tide of Beverly Hills, 90210…and a certain Mr. Dylan McKay, played by Luke Perry. The name went from an average of 187 in the ’80s to 34 in the ’90s, and peaked at number 19 in ’03 and ’04. During that time Dylan also started being used for girls -- though it still feels very masculine when used for a boy. There are tons of ways to play with the spelling, though we wouldn’t recommend anything beyond Dillon. (Dylonn, we’re talking to you.)

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 31

Famous dylan

  • Dylan Baker - actor
  • Dylan McDermott - actor
  • Dylan Sprouse - actor
  • Dylan “Dil” Pickles - character in Rugrats

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