origin: Italian


Origin: English

Meaning: To Strive or Excel or Rival

Oh, Emily. After a 12-year run beginning in ’96 as the number one name in America, it was finally knocked from its perch by Emma in ’08. It’s still hugely popular though and not just in America. From New Zealand to the United Kingdom, English-speaking countries all over the world love the name. And remember, it’s not just this year’s popularity charts you need to think about -- those 12 years worth of Emilys are still running around out there. It’s not so popular without reason though. Emily is classic, simple, pretty, and feminine -- but strong. Good news for parents who love the name but can’t deal with the popularity -- there’s a variation in almost every language, from the French Amelie to the Slavic Emika.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 3

Famous emily

  • Emily Dickinson - author
  • Emily Blunt - actress
  • Emily Bronte - author
  • Emily Deschanel - actress
  • Emily Gilmore - character in Gilmore Girls

Infamous emily

  • Emily Valentine - character in the original 90210
  • Emily Rose - title character in The Exorcism of Emily Rose

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