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Origin: Latin

Meaning: Universal

As one of the top names in America (with similar-sounding Emily right up there with it), Emma is may not be the best choice for parents wanting their little girl to be the only one to turn around when her name is called on the playground. It’s pretty fitting that one meaning of the name is “universal.” The sweet name stems from the not-so-sweet Germanic prefixes “Erm” and “Irm” (as in, Ermentrud and Irmhild). You’ve come a long way, baby Emma.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 1

Famous emma

  • Emma Geller-Green - Ross and Rachel’s baby on Friends
  • Emma Thompson - actress
  • Emma Woodhouse - character in Emma
  • Emma Darwin - wife of Charles Darwin
  • Emma Watson - actress

Infamous emma

  • Emma Bovary - main character in Madame Bovary
  • Emma Hamilton - mistress of Lord Nelson

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