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Origin: English

Meaning: Son of Jack/John

This one’s not too complicated: It breaks down into “jack” (jack) and “son” (son)…meaning, “son of Jack.” It’s cool though -- you’re still allowed to consider the name even if neither you nor your partner are named Jack. With Jack climbing back into popularity, it’s only natural that the last-name version would come along for the ride. Jackson has been used sparingly for over a century, but really started to spike in the ’90s, rising to an average ranking of 152 from an average of 497 in the ’80s. It continues to rocket up, and in 2006 officially passed Jack in popularity: Jack was number 36, while Jackson was…number 35! It’s also a popular name for starbabies, with mini Bill Murrays, Spike Lees and Maria Bellos bearing the name.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 32

Famous jackson

  • Jackson Pollock - painter
  • Jackson Stewart - character in Hannah Montana
  • Jackson Browne - singer
  • Jackson Latcherie - character in Steel Magnolias
  • Jackson Rathbone - actor

Infamous jackson

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