meaning:From the Glen
origin: American


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Supplanter

Though it’s slipped since its heyday, James remains one of the classic baby names. It averaged a number one ranking through the ’40s and ’50s, and averaged in the top five from the 1880s to the ’70s. It comes from the Greek Iakobos, the same root as number one name Jacob…and oddly enough, might just be a mistake, due to an early monk’s error in translating Greek manuscripts into Latin. Mistake or not, James became an incredibly well-used name, with bearers including a couple apostles, tons of rulers and six US Presidents (the most with any common name). While nicknames Jim, Jimmy, and Jamie used to be the norm, today the full version is more commonly used, even for babies and toddlers.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 17

Famous james

  • James Dean - actor
  • St. James - apostle
  • James Joyce - writer
  • James Madison - US President
  • James Cameron - director

Infamous james

  • James Earl Ray - assassinated Martin Luther King Jr.
  • James Randall - murderer
  • James “Jim” Jones - cult leader

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