meaning:From the Glen
origin: American


Origin: American

Meaning: Form of Jaden

The history of the name Jayden is really a lesson in the emergence of a true trend -- made-up names: 1) Less than 15 years after it literally doesn’t exist (in 1994, its first year on the charts, it ranked 852) it’s almost in the top 10. 2) It jumps about a hundred spots per year until…3) A celebrity (Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith) uses a variation of the name, and it starts to really shoot up the charts. 4) A truly trendy celeb (Britney Spears) adds a truly trendy vowel (“y”) back to the name and the name jumps even higher (from 49 in ’06 to 18 in ’07). 5) Voila -- the name of the decade! A few other things help the name: A combination of the trendiest sounds of two super-trendy names (Jacob and Aiden), twelve hundred million different possible ways to spell it and an ending (“-aden”) that can be used with pretty much any consonants as a prefix.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 11

Famous jayden

  • Jaden Smith (alt. spelling) - actor and son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Jayden Federline - son of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline
  • Jaden Korr (alt. spelling) - character in Star Wars
  • Jeydon Wale (alt. spelling) - YouTube star

Infamous jayden

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