meaning:From the Glen
origin: American


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God will Increase

Kinda funny: Joseph means something like “God will add,” and for more than the last century, someone’s been adding a whole lot of, well, Josephs. The name’s been ranked in the US top 16 since at least 1880, and is well-used in different forms all over the world. (It actually has variations in languages we haven’t even heard of, like the Lombard Giusepp and Pepp.) Joseph’s popularity started way back in biblical times, with prominent characters like Jacob’s favorite son (remember Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?) and the Virgin Mary’s husband. No matter how many little Josephs are added, we still love the name. From Joey to Joe to Joseph, it’s kind of like the magical moniker that morphs to perfectly suit a guy throughout his entire life.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 13

Famous joseph

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt - actor
  • Joseph Biden - US Vice President
  • Joseph “Joe” Namath - former football player
  • Joseph “Joe” Jonas - singer
  • Joseph Liberman - senator

Infamous joseph

  • Joseph Stalin - Soviet leader
  • Joseph Slack - suicide pilot
  • Joseph McCarthy - politician
  • Josef Fritzl (alt. spelling) - sex offender

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