meaning:From the Glen
origin: American


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is Salvation

Like most of the top boy names, Joshua’s roots are in the Bible. He was one of the 12 spies Moses sent into Canaan, eventually succeeding Moses and leading the Israelites into the Promised Land. Since it’s a Hebrew name, most Joshuas born before the seventeenth century and the Protestant Reformation were Jewish. Interestingly enough, though, the name Jesus is derived from Joshua’s Hebrew form. After moseying along in the mid-hundreds for almost a century, Joshua blasted up the charts from the ’60s (average ranking 336) to the ’70s (24). It continued to rise and has been in the top 10 for more than a decade now. Though Joshua is still ranked as highly as it was during its peak in the ’80s, today about half as many baby boys are actually receiving the name -- since so many more names are being used in general, having one that’s highly ranked isn’t quite as likely to lead to a classroom full of peers answering to the same name.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 4

Famous joshua

  • Joshua Jackson - actor
  • Joshua “Josh” Groban - singer
  • Joshua “Josh” Duhamel - actor
  • Joshua “Josh” Hartnett - actor
  • Joshua Allen - reality star

Infamous joshua

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