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Origin: English

Meaning: Great

This soft, pretty name is climbing in the charts, thanks perhaps to Saturday Night Live comedian Maya Rudolph. It has roots in a whole host of different cultures, making it a great name for any family. We’ll start with the Latin (doesn’t everything start with the Latin?) May, which stands for both the month and the pretty hawthorn flower that often blooms that time of year. Then there are the Mayan people of Central America, and the Hebrew word Mayim, which means “water.” Now we’ll move to Buddhism: Maya was the Buddha’s mom, and in Sanskrit, it means “illusion.” And finally, in Greek and Roman mythology, Maia means “great,” and she had a son with the all-mighty Zeus. That’s it! Now go name your baby Maya (or Maia or Maja) before everyone else does.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 72

Famous maya

  • Maya Angelou - poet
  • Maya Rudolph - actress
  • Maya Lin - artist
  • Maya Ruiz-Picasso - daughter of Pablo Picasso

Infamous maya

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