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meaning:Feminine form of Will
origin: American


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Great circle

h words for great queen: mor=great; rigan=queen and can be related to Morrigan, a war goddess. Another root: Morgan le Fay, a powerful sorceress from twelfth-century Arthurian legend. This time, Morgan was likely derived from the Irish name Muirgen, which means “born of the sea” in Gaelic. By the last few centuries though, it was mainly used for boys and remained a mildly popular, boys-only name until the ’70s, when it started to show up on the female charts. It surged in the late ’80s and ’90s, likely thanks to Morgan Fairchild on the primetime soap Falcon Crest. But while it’s remained in the top 50 for girls ever since, it’s been steadily falling since it peaked at 30 in the ’90s. Interestingly, as it became more popular for girls, it also rose for boys, reaching its far lower peak (high 200s) in the ’90s as well. Since Morgan’s currently headed way down on the female side but holding steady (albeit far lower) on the male side, it may be a gender-switcher that actually switches back in the next few years.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 46

Famous morgan

  • Morgan Freeman - actor
  • Morgan Fairchild - actress
  • Morgan Spurlock - filmmaker

Infamous morgan

  • Morgan le Fay - sorceress in Arthurian legend

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