origin: Italian


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Wisdom

This ancient Greek name, meaning “wisdom” or “skill,” has a variation in just about every language. This is good news for parents who love the name but want something a little less common, as Sofia’s been rocketing up the charts since the late ‘90s. It’s a lesser-used version of the ultra-popular Sophia, which means there will be many more little girls with the name than the ranking suggests. (It’s always been a relatively well-used name -- royals have born the moniker since at least the seventeenth century -- but right now it’s much trendier than ever.) You can add a few vowels (say, the Russian Sofiya), pick a similar but less popular name (the German Sophie or Sonja), or go for another sound entirely (the Spanish Fifi or Chofa). We’re not knocking the original though -- Sophia is pretty but not prissy, classic but not frumpy -- meaning, we totally get why it’s so popular.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 36

Famous sofia

  • Sofia Coppola - director
  • Sophia Bush (alt. spelling) - actress
  • Sophia Loren (alt. spelling) - Italian actress
  • Sofia Vergara - model and actress
  • Sophia (alt. spelling) - character in The Color Purple

Infamous sofia

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