meaning:From the Glen
origin: American


Origin: Greek

Meaning: A Twin

Though Thomas has dropped out of the top 50 in the last few years, it’s still a timeless, classic name that you really can’t go wrong with. It peaked at number eight in the late nineteenth century and again in the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s, and was in the top 50 from the time names started being tracked in 1880 way up until 2005. It’s been borne by apostles, saints, presidents, and celebs, and we’ll reiterate -- it’s basically a no-fail name. From Tommy to Tom to Thomas, this name will take your little guy way into manhood.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 52

Famous thomas

  • Thomas Jefferson - US President
  • Thomas Edison - inventor
  • Thomas the Tank Engine - title character in Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Thomas “Tom” Cruise - actor
  • Thomas “Tom” Hanks - actor

Infamous thomas

  • Thomas Crown - character in The Thomas Crown Affair
  • Tom Riddle - character in Harry Potter
  • Thomas “Tommy” DeVito - character in GoodFellas

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