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meaning:Feminine form of Will
origin: American


Origin: English

Meaning: Son of Guy

This name stems from the very funny sounding Old English last name Wigheard, which breaks down into “war” (wig) and “brave/hearty” (heard). If you can get the cowboy image of Mr. Earp out of your mind (your kids won’t have any idea who he is, anyway), it’s a great choice -- relaxed, cool, and far enough off the radar that not every other kid in kindergarten will have the same name. Interestingly, while the name certainly enjoyed increased visibility when the ’94 flick Wyatt Earp came out (it went from an ’80s average ranking of 529 to a ’90s average of 180), it only really started shooting up the charts in recent years.

Current U.S. popularity rank: 2010: 62

Famous wyatt

  • Wyatt Crow - son of Sheryl Crow
  • Wyatt Earp - American folk hero
  • Wyatt Cenac - comedian

Infamous wyatt

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