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Congratulations! You just gave birth to a beautiful baby, so now what? You've been prepped and have been prepping yourself for what life will be like as a new mom, but now it's real. Baby is here, and you've already forgotten what life was like before becoming a new mom. Before baby, it was hard enough to find time for yourself, but you felt it was necessary to get in some me time for beauty, fitness and fun. While a lot has changed overnight now that you're a new mom, one thing hasn't: You still need to make time for yourself, now more than ever. We know it isn't easy. While these first few months are wonderful, you're also sleep deprived and feeling overwhelmed as a new mom with everything that baby needs. You've completely forgotten what your morning routine used to be like, and it's become a struggle to even find time to shower. That's why we put together 90 daily tips focused on health, beauty, home, love and sex and staying sane for new moms just like you. You can get each must-know tip easily by using our Daily Dose for New Moms! tool. You'll feel less frazzled with this few months' worth of new-mom tips that will help you focus on the one thing you should do for yourself each day, whether it's finding time to get a manicure, to take a stroll, eat a nutritious lunch or schedule one-on-one time with your guy. Start balancing your needs and baby's needs now by using Daily Dose for New Moms!

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With a new baby around, it's easy to find your days dominated by 3 am feedings, poopy diapers, and sleepless nights. And if you're like most new mamas, carving out something for yourself has dropped to the bottom of your to-do list. Guess what? It's time to snap out of it! We'll help you reclaim a little independence (and sanity!) -- one day at a time.

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  • Day 82


    Do the drive-through (or Sonic)

  • Day 84


    Do a practice run (if you’re going back to work)

  • Day 87


    Sing a song (but not a lullaby)

  • Day 88


    Sit and cuddle